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a good place to live in.


If you want to be aware of possible harmful factors existing in your home and react to assure you a healthy environment, you need a professional geobiological analysis, which will also provide possible remedies.


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'' In life we have always the choice:

to love or to hate,

to assume or to run,

to admit or to lie,

to be ourselves or to pretend''.




Hello and welcome to our web page!

Do you enjoy working in a quiet office, well arranged, pleasant and inspiring?

Do you want to go home to find a warm house, orderly, a place of healing and happiness?

Do you want to live in a healthy, balanced and harmonious environement?

If YES, than FENG SHUI and GEOBIOLOGY can help you realize your wishes.

And it's no coincidence that you found us!
You are looking for something more or less defined, to improve your life.
You can start by ameliorate your living environment.

Far from being just a decorative issue, as often perceived by the West, Feng Shui is a complex ancient art and a science that, properly applied, can positively change your life.
The improvements can be made in different areas of your life, depending on your specific interests: health, wealth, career, love, family etc.      see FENG SHUI

Add Geobiology to this, which helps detect and reduce some harmful elements for health that exists in your environment, in order to make it healthy and safe.         see GEOBIOLOGY

In fact, Feng Shui and Geobiology are the medicine of home. It was long known the importance of the environment on our health:
"A good doctor should examine not only the patient but also his direct and indirect environment. Many diseases, including the most difficult to treat are related to disturbances of land and habitat. "Sun Si Miao (581-682 BC.)

The ultimate goal is to minimize nuisances and maximize the good potential of your environment, be it your home or office, to give you the most of benefits.

Use our expertise to create an auspicious and healthy home for yourself,  where you can enjoy life!



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